New Season 2024

 The new season has began for our club, a lot of work has been carried out over the 2023 season with paths and pegs rebuilt and the rmoval of tree's blown down in the storms.

we have to give thanks to ALL the lads in the work parties, Lowan for his tree climbing skills (death defying stunt) Ben' Kado.Steve, Josua, Paul, Graham, Keith, Dave and many more we cannot thank you enough but the biggest shout has to go to Mark Morgan who has organised these parties and sometimes done the work on his own the last lot of trees that blew over ( peg 19) were removed by Mark and Graham a very big job, two more trees at peg2 were removed with one remaining, this will be completed when we can get the farmers help to pull it out of the water, more work still to be done around the p18-peg 20 area hope fully before the season takes off.


There are plans in place to replace peg 10 to remember Tommo as soon as we can, also to rebuild peg 18 and 20 and if time and money allows we will be doing other pegs between peg3 and 6 again money allowing that should then see the last of the peg rebuilds.....until the next time!


The little mere was netted in August last year only 10 fish remained from the 250 tench and carp that Graham stocked, in february this year further stock was put in, 25 x small crucian carp, and 25 x 2-5lb carp, we have started a feeding program hopefully to build these carp up to enable them to be put into the big mere in a few years time so fingers crossed with that, also a further 6 x 8-10lb carp went into the mere

The mere and the Management company

After 18 months of telling the Heatley Mere management company that they DO NOT own the land we fish from and have no durisdiction over that land, the gates or the fencing that was erected, they have now finally agreed that this is the case, they also contested the dirt track that we call millers Lane, that they in fact owned it, we disputed this all the way until they again finally agreed that they DID NOT in fact own that land and that we are free to do as we please with it, plans were in place to lay down a bed of stone so we could easily turn around , that has been put aside until  we can afford to do that and the building work being carried out by the tennent of no 15 is complete.

So all in all it's been a good year all round and that the agreement has been made we can go about our fishing in peace.