News Archive - Annual Round-up - Published 30/12/20

Hello Folks.

Merry Christmas and all that. Not often I get a spare minute to do this now so I thought I might do a bit of news. 

I have just written the new card up and will submit it for printing soon. Whilst I think about it though it might be the last as there might be better ways to do this and in the next 12 months I will have a look at the "clubmate system" where it's all done online and you get credit card style members cards with photos on; we will see. 

In any case the current members numbers system is out of control and I will be issuing you an new one upon renewal, which will basically be the current members spreadsheet re-issued 1-100 (I think we are about 100 members) the current numbers are a hangover from when the club was first formed and its time to clean it up. 

In addition I will print a few more cards, but not too many more it will still be a limited number. So if you don't buy your new one from when I get them in to the end of April I will be happy to dish them out to newcomers if we get as is usual new applications when the sun comes out. So when I have got them make sure you get yours. member numbers were up last year which had a lot to do with the pandemic so we will see what happens this year. 

On the website. Matt Hassall is currently revamping as I type. And hopefully it will be up and running very shortly. I think he is going to set up his own club mail account for the mailing on of photos and submission of record claims etc which will be great. Watch this space. 

On Heatley we have new pegs and bivvy platforms at 21-22  (thanks Louis Godfrey) and a new clear area around peg 7. Also you will notice the post has gone from the middle of that end of the lake which allows clear casting (and fish playing) from there to the far bank. The fallen tree was also removed at peg 1 (thanks Mark Morgan). It would be nice if we can get a few hands together to move the remaining big boards round from 6 to 21-22 so that we can double skin the bivvy stages. Mark Morgan is going to act as head water keeper going forward and it might be a good idea if the Heatley Regulars can do what The Dell regulars did and form a working whatsapp group to enable small tasks to be done quickly (many hands make light work and all that; and they really do). 

Heatley fished really well this past year, probably because more people were fishing it and more bait was going in. The new stock carp showed up regularly, they are beautifully marked and in the summer were around the 5-6lb mark. In a couple of years they will be doubles and unlike the old guard they seem to feed freely. These newbies are exactly what we needed and we will keep an eye on the frequency with which they show. My own last action on heatley this year was a light waggler session with maggots and I was snapped by one of these carp on the last cast. 

Fingerpost fished great as usual, The Dell suffered a terrible weed issue but a hardy band of devotees (I make mention in the new card secretary statement) took to cleaning it up and have done sterling work in strimming and cutting back trees etc. Big thanks to all involved. You should all know that the club purchased a chain saw and a strimmer this year as well. I think Mark Morgan has possession of these so if you want to borrow for Fingerpost or The Dell please get in touch with him. 

Thanks also to Tony Ryan who has been looking after the Brook. We often have issues with the gate as those who have been used to getting free access to that land have not taken to being locked out of it. this can lead to attempts to bash the lock in. If you get an issue here please contact Tony who is in direct contact with the person tasked by the landowners to look after access. (Tony's number will be in the new card)

Remember going forward, night fishing please do book using the online calendar, especially when it gets warmer to avoid "congestion". It allows you guys to spread out and guards against you making a trip only to find three bivvies up already (or situations to that effect). 

Lastly, I forgot to give a mention to Chris Carey who easily won the "catch the most carp in the year" award. It was getting embarrassing at one point. What's his secret? (I don't know but I do know he put lots of spadework and reconnaissance in, and therein lies the key... I think... probably). 

Good luck for 2021. 

Tight lines


30th December 2020.