Club News - Fingerpost Pool Access

Kind reminder to respect this please. People still seem to be walking directly over the crops. Please stop or we will close the pool.

The club has recently had contact with the farmer / landowner.

Apparently they have planted potatoes this year and someone was spotted walking directly across the tops of the drills (in the direct line between car park and pool).

Whilst the crop is in please respect the crop. I haven't seen the layout but he said please walk across the top between the end of the drills and the headland and then down between the drills to the pool. Please don't destroy crops or we could be slung out. For a guide i think he means this, blue OK red not OK.

In any case don't damage the crops.

On the car park i am hoping the Farmer will be able to sort a better surface out for it this summer.

Also please no damaging on the reeds round the pool or disturbing of any nests.

Many thanks