Current Record Fish

Record Fish

The club wants to provide a list of record fish for each water
If members want to submit a fish please email details of when and where is was caught, its weight and a suitable image.

To kick things off, here are the minimum suggest weights for fish to receive this very auspicious accolade:

Barbel: 6lb+
Chub: 4lb+
Perch: 2lb+
Roach: 1lb 8oz+
Tench: 5lb+
Bream: 5lb+
Pike: 13lb+
Carp: 5lb-15lb (variety dependent)
Brown Trout: 2lb 8oz+
Grayling: 1lb+
Net of silver fish: 7lb+

Verification by another member would be nice, but we are not going to hold anyone to it!

email details to: secretary@dunhammasseyanglingclub.org

Heatley Mere Carp

This carp has been caught more than once, Callum Baybut landed it at this weight of 23lb 4oz.
and is the best so far reported.

Heatley Mere Bream

Tom Uttley landed this 61b 11oz bream last year.
Those in the know think there are bigger ones in there just waiting to be caught.

Heatley Mere Pike

Callum Baybut has claimed the record pike with this nice pike of 13lb