Welcome To Dunham Massey Angling Club

Dunham Massey Angling Club was formed several years with the aim of providing the kind of fishing we all remember from our youth.
We not only cater for those anglers who wish to seek out specimens, but also those who are happy to mull away the hours with some pleasure angling and the trout angler, who may want to stalk their quarry on small rivers or our stocked trout fishery.
We are one of, if not, the fastest growing club in the northwest of England. In the short time we have been in existance we have made the angling press on a number of occassions with feature articles on our waters being prominent. We like to think this is because of the type of angling we provide and because of our aim to provide quality waters at an affordable price. Our members care about the club and what we have achieved, and we inturn care about the members of this club and will strive to continue to achieve more for them in the coming years.

If you are not currently a member we hope you will join us because we really are

The Friendly Angling Club