Additional Rules

In addition to normal club rules the following local rules apply:

Maximum size hooks that may be used is SIZE 6

Unhooking mats must be used for all fish over 3lbs

Heatley Mere Night Fishing Rules

All adults over members of 18years of age and over are eligible to night fish upon payment of an annual fee of £15.

Night fishing is by strict prior appointment.

All bookings to be made using the “Teamup” app available for Mac Os or Android devices.
Membership books must be stamped in advance.

Sessions must be booked and paid for in advance.

Strictly no day ticket holders, guest anglers or spectators.

Night fishing is seven days a week, with a maximum of 48 hours stay.

There is a maximum of four anglers on any one night on the Mere.
(Subject to change if enough pegs are recovered from nature)

Members must remain in their allocated peg throughout the duration of their stay.

Bivvies may be used, open fronted oval umbrellas are also acceptable.

A maximum of two rods only.

All fish to be returned alive and fish deaths are to be reported to the head bailiffs as soon as possible.

Strictly no alcohol, fires, BBQs, litter or unacceptable behaviour.
Members who fail to adhere to this rule will be face expulsion from the club.

All other club rules apply.